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・ みきにゃん ・

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♫ Miki desu~ ♫

About me & the sweet
My "name" is Miki. I'm 20 years old and I'm from Argentina.
Not long ago ... Maybe six months? I knew these beauties of the Johnnys
The story is quite comical, since watching Neo Angelique Abbys recognized the voice of Tegoshi singing Ai ai gasa ♪
Obviously when I read that テゴマス sang that song, and to relate it with Tegoshi and Massu ... I searched all their discography and in three days I'd complete ^ ^ u
I went to rokuyuu (lit. 6th grade-Japanese-, second actually) and I'm happy with that ^ ^ ~

I like to experiment with Photoshop, so I guess you'll can see some of my crazy things.
Anime ... I think that I like too many: Weiß Kreuz, Weiß krezu Glühen, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gravitation, Ouran Koukou Host Club, Full Metal Panic, etc., etc. (very little shojo by what you see) (much ecchi and yaoi ¬///¬ and shota u / / / uU).
Seiyuus: Koyasu Takehito and Seki Tomokazu certainly ^ ^

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About me and the rock's boys
Or how to love the Akame and not to die~~

When I though I'd enough, I met with KAT-TUN.
Goooood... I love AKame with all my soul ♥
I love this one! I love both *O*
About KAT-TUN... I like your song a lot ^^
When I heard them, I feel very happy ^^
Actually, I don't know what write ^^U
My apologize about that ^^-
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How to be an Eighter and not to die in the process

Eighter from 2012;

Ryokura shipper;

YamaDa shipper, too;

I have a problem with scans... The bigger, the better;

I'm currently waiting for torn 2 (dreams are free and I'm a dreamer);

Layout by street_of_mercy; using colors from unequally's layout but edited by me;
All the gheis headers are made by me, if you like some, ask me if you wanna use in your LJ via PM ;)
I usually don't bite to people xD

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